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I am always trying to find out what people need to take there photography to the next level and here are some of the questions I have got over the past few days.

  1. How to create pictures/silhouettes with the sunset?

SunsetsThis one is the one that I say that will be the easiest question to answer. Usually the answer to what they want is to look at the situation and expose for it. If you want a silhouette of somebody expose for the sun and you will get what you want. It is always easier if you are caring a light meter around with you to help you make the adjustments. If you want to have a slight silhouette with some light on you foreground subject then make adjustments to let more light into your camera via f-stop or shutter speed and if you want to light it up more then add a flash into the mix be on camera or off to get the amount of light on the subject that you have.

2. When is the best time to take pictures?

My friend that owns the website came to me with thisLandscape photos question. When taking pictures of my wife outside when is the best time to do this? The answer is simple and it is called the golden hour. This happens the in the first hour of dawn and the hour before sunset. This is the best time because the light traveling thru the atmosphere is at a angle and all of the pollution in the air helps break up the light and makes it so the shadows and light are not so harsh and are a softer more gentle look on skin.

3. What is the best lens to buy?

I get this question all of the time. It really depends on what you want to photograph. If it is portrait photography you want to do then you want a tele lens if you are using a full fame camera then I suggest a lens that is 200 mm or bigger. It will make people look skinner and it will help the background go more out of focus and bring more attention on to the subject. If you want to do landscape pictures then you want a wide lens that is around 22 to 35mm on a full frame camera. It will get a wider shot of the landscapes and with that it also make more of the images in the picture in focus.

Keep those questions rolling on in and I will answer them next time I make another post.


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